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Mail Merge: A powerful feature in Google Workspace that lets you send personalized emails to multiple recipients at once.

Updated: Feb 23

If you need to send a large number of emails and want the message in the email to change according to the recipient's information, such as the recipient's name, membership number, and membership expiration date, you can send these emails with just one click.

Watch this video for instructions on using Mail Merge to send emails to a large number of recipients:

Mail Merge from Gmail allows you to send multiple emails with a single click.

Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare the data you want to send in a Google Sheet, using English column names.

  2. Go to Gmail > Compose > To: > click the Use mail merge icon > select From a spreadsheet > select the file you prepared.

  3. In the Email field, select the @email column.

  4. In the First Name field, select @Name.

  5. The system will show a preview of all the recipients > Once you have entered all the information, click Finish.

  6. The To field will show the spreadsheet of the senders > then enter the Subject name.

  7. In the content section, type a message and insert the @ symbol followed by the name of the column you want. Then you can send the email.

Each recipient will receive a unique copy of the email, according to the details in the spreadsheet.

Note: You can use the Mail Merge feature with the following Google Workspace editions:

  • Business Standard

  • Business Plus

  • Enterprise Starter

  • Enterprise Standard

  • Enterprise Plus

  • Education Standard

  • Education Plus

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