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DevOPS Engineer



Bachelor's Degree in IT related fields

Job Description:

Develop and deploy scalable, highly available, secure, and fault tolerant systems on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) for the development and test lifecycle.


· Focus on building APIs and automation for infrastructure projects.

· Modify existing automation in GCP or AWS to improve performance.


· Passion for solving challenging issues. Requirements:

· Demonstrated competency with the most common GCP or AWS services

· Proficient in Python programming language and tech stacks.

· Software development lifecycle experience or knowledge.

· Deep understanding of the Linux operating system and networking concepts.

· Experience building scalable infrastructure in GCP, AWS or Azure.

· Experience with one or more GCP ,AWS or Azure SDKs and/or CLI. (prefer Python)

· Expertise in leveraging Automation / DevOps principles, experience with operational tools, and able to apply best practices for infrastructure and software deployment. (Terraform or Cloudformation)


• Design, develop, and implement software integrations based on business requirements.

• Conduct systems tests for security, scaling, performance, and availability.

• Optimize the company’s computing architecture.

• Lead and guide the team in identifying and implementing new technologies.

• Implement the CI/CD pipeline.

• Improve CI/CD tooling.

• Implement and improve monitoring and alerting.

• Build and maintain highly available systems.

• Troubleshoot production issues and coordinate with the development team to streamline code deployment. 

UPDATED: 23/11/2021

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