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Helping Business manage appointment bookings using Google Calendar appt-schedule-overview.

Tip:Do you want to manage your availability and let external clients, partners, stakeholders books time with you directly within Google calendar via a personal booking page?

Are you looking for ways which help people to book slots and get dynamically updated to prevent any scheduling conflicts?

Appointment Scheduling with Google Calendar

Appointment scheduling allows users to create sharable booking pages that let people book time with them, all integrated with their existing schedule in google calendar. It makes it easier to manage your time by automatically checking your availability so people can only book time when you are available. Plus users can also protect their time by adding a buffer or maximum no of appointments throughout the day.

What’s changing

Appointment scheduling allows you to manage your availability and let customers and partners book time with you directly within Google Calendar via a personal booking page. To improve upon the current experience, we’re adding: 

  • Five to fourteen minute appointment slots that are customizable. Previously, the minimum duration was fifteen minutes.

  • The option to hide or show Appointment schedules within the calendar view on web. 

We hope these highly requested features help you to set more relevant meeting durations and tailor your calendar view to match your preferences. 

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