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Classroom Add-ons are now available!

Updated: Feb 23

Google Classroom add-ons are a new feature that lets you bring your favorite content, activities, and lessons from leading EdTech tools right into your classroom.

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Once the add-on is set up by the admin, teachers can find and log in with just a few clicks.

Add-ons use Google Sign-In, so you and your students can sign into Classroom and your add-ons with the same secure login, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords. No more navigating to different websites to access classwork - everything stays right within Classroom.

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To access content from add-ons, open a new assignment in Classroom and select the add-on you want to use. Since the add-on is built-in, you'll be able to do things like browse, search, filter, and preview the content you want to use, depending on the tool you're using. Then, you can assign it to your students.

Requirements for using add-ons in Classroom:

  • You must have Google Workspace for Education Plus or Teaching and Learning Upgrade.

  • Your administrator must have pre-installed the add-on or added it to the allowed list for your school or district.

  • Add-ons can only be created and assigned in the web version of Classroom.

  • You can view, grade, and complete add-ons in both the web and mobile versions of Classroom.

Getting started with add-ons:

  • Access from the Assignment or Stream page: When creating an assignment or announcement, you will see the "Add-ons" module. Select an add-on from the list to start assigning, using, and grading content from those tools without leaving Classroom.

  • Save time with one-click login: Once an add-on is selected, both teachers and students can easily access content by simply logging in with their Classroom accounts.

  • Easily add, assign, and grade your favorite content: Now you can seamlessly find the content and activities you love from popular educational tools like Kahoot!, Nearpod, and Pear Deck without leaving your classroom.

  • Simplify your grading workflow: Many add-ons have built-in time-saving features like auto-grading, insights, and grade syncing. Add-ons also support grading within Classroom and including your own custom feedback when sharing grades back to students. All add-ons will sync with Classroom's grading.

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