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5 Ways to Streamlined Collaboration through Document- Centric Approach by Google Doc- Driven Collaboration

Tip: Are you a person who is managing diverse teams across multiple time zones & often consumed by endless virtual collaboration meetings(GVC's)?

Always occupied with emails with lengthy threads,meandering through topics? And all this is leading to miscommunications and frustration?

Google Doc- Driven Collaboration

Seeking a solution to communication chaos - Users can delve into the concept of Doc- driven collaboration where discussions are started within Google doc and primarily conducted through comments in that doc.

There are 5 steps to doc- driven collaboration-

  1. Starting with the DocFor in-depth or cross-team discussions, initiate with a brief document. It can be rough, serving as a conversation starter—whether a proposal, options, or a list of topics/questions.

  2. Sharing the Doc-Share the doc to begin the discussion. The more relevant people you share with (e.g., stakeholders, domain experts, etc), the better the discussion.

  3. Discuss in commentsUse a separate comment thread for each point of discussion. The purpose of a thread is to improve the doc, so be sure to incorporate the resolution back into the doc.

  4. Meetings only for unresolved commentsIf there are discussions that can’t be resolved in comments, discuss in a meeting. Only comment participants need to be invited, only discuss the comment(s).

  5. Update DocIncorporate into the doc the outcome of the discussions, until all comments are resolved.

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