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Propose meeting times via Gmail with automatic booking on Google Calendar

Updated: Feb 23

When scheduling a meeting is difficult, let Gmail help you with the scheduling. You can let your clients, partners, friends, and family book a meeting time in your Google Calendar directly from Gmail. Here's how:

  1. In the Compose section of Gmail, enter the recipient's name and the subject of the meeting.

  2. At the bottom right of Gmail, select Set up a time to meet and Offer times you're free. Then, set the Slot time you want to meet and select the desired date and time in the Google Calendar that appears. You can select multiple time slots as options for the recipient.

  3. Click Next and change the event name in Event title to your desired name.

  4. In More Info, select the meeting type, such as a video meeting via Google Meet or In-Person (face-to-face meeting). You can also specify the meeting location.

  5. Click Next, then Add to Email, and you can send the email.

The recipient will receive an email and can choose their preferred meeting time through the email. The selected time will be automatically saved to your Google Calendar.

If you want to add a meeting room, you can edit the event and add the room.

You can watch a tutorial on how to use this feature on YouTube here:

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