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Efficient Data Collection with Data Validation in Google Forms

Updated: Feb 23

If you are someone who has to create surveys or collect data using Google Forms, but often encounter the problem that the data entered is not as desired, such as entering an email without @ or entering letters in the number field.

These problems can be solved by setting up Data Validation in Google Forms. Watch this video for instructions on how to use Google Forms to collect data more effectively with Response Validation:

You can specify the format of answers in a form using Response Validation. Here are the steps:

To select the Short Answer or Paragraph answer type:

  1. Click the three dots (more options) and select Response validation.

  2. Select the Text answer type, then choose the answer format, such as Email Address to collect email data.

  3. Enter a warning message if the user enters incorrect data.

  4. Click preview to see the result. When you enter an email without an assign, you will be prompted to enter an email in the format we have set.

With these steps, you can specify the format of answers in your form to receive data in the desired format.

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