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Wouldn't it be better if people outside the organization could check and book time in your calendar in real time?

Updated: Feb 23

With the Appointment Scheduling feature in Google Calendar, you can set up time slots so that clients or partners can see your availability and schedule appointments directly in your calendar. This is convenient and reduces the problem of overlapping appointments.

You can share your availability so that people outside of your organization can see it and make reservations. This makes scheduling your appointments easy, saves time, and allows you to keep track of important meetings.

Configure your booking information in Google Calendar

Meeting duration:

  • Set the duration of each meeting slot.

Your available days and times:

  • Select the days and times you are available for meetings.

Bookable time slots:

  • Define specific time slots within your available hours that can be booked.

Meeting type:

  • Specify whether the meeting will be onsite or online.

Booking event name:

  • Create a name for the booking event that is clear and easy to understand.


  • Provide a detailed description of the meeting, including its purpose and any relevant information.

Booking form:

  • Integrate a booking form to collect additional information from attendees, such as their name, email address, and purpose for the meeting.

Appointment confirmation/rejection:

  • Choose whether to automatically confirm or reject appointments.

Buffer time between meetings:

  • Set a buffer time between meetings to allow for preparation and travel.

Maximum number of appointments per day:

  • Limit the number of appointments that can be booked per day to avoid overbooking.

Additional settings:

  • You can also customize other settings, such as the default meeting location and whether to send reminder emails.

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